What is your demo submission policy?

You can always email demo submissions to freakoutdemos@gmail.com [Soundcloud, Dropbox, etc. links only, please. Attachments hurt.] We love discovering new bands! However, depending on our roster space and due to a high volume of emails, we can't promise a fast response.

9 out of 10 bands that we're interested in are groups we've seen perform. So, get out there!

Where can I find job opportunities with Freakout?

We are not currently offering any open positions or internship opportunities at this time.

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

Email info@freakoutrec.com and we will handle your issues on a case by case basis.

There is a problem with my CD/tape cassette! What do I do?

Email us at info@freakoutrec.com. Then send the original invoice, the defective product, and all original packaging to:

Freakout Records
c/o Order Issue
1424 Belmont Ave #162
Seattle, WA 98122

Who can I talk to about getting involved with the Freakout Festival?

If you are an Artist looking to play this year's festival, or interested in becoming a festival Sponsor, please contact nathan@freakoutrec.com
For more Freakout Festival information, visit this site.