London Has Arrived In Seattle

Having met on the Goldsmiths University of London pop course (known to have gestated the likes of James Blake and Katie B), the duo made music as Funktionslust. FKL is the distillation of that collaboration, a few letters and a lot of musical experimentation discarded. FKL announce their transformation with a debut album created in collaboration with friend, Tim Goldsworthy. A worthy mentor, Tim co-founded both Mo'Wax and DFA records, produced some of Massive Attack's, U.N.K.L.E.'s and LCD Soundsystem's most seminal works, and now adds a FKL co-production credit to his list of accolades.

FKL's music weaves elements of coldwave, post-punk and contemporary electronica in bold, shape shifting sonic paintings, coupling outlandish soundscapes and unconventional structures with clear-eyed, arching melodies. Sighting the likes of The Streets, Portishead, Hot Chip, and the new wave of Grime as influences, it's clear their time spent in South London left a mark.

Hometown: London, UK
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FADER "Uplifting pop for a rainy day"

CLASH Gorgeous, rippling tricklets of sound combine with a soulful vocal, with the lyrics deftly picking apart contradictions within perception.

KEXP "Gillick, growing up in South London, attended school where many great musicians went, such as members of The xx and Hot Chip. FKL is no exception to this list of greats, crafting otherworldly atmospheres and moods in the scope of each three minute song."

DUMMY "10 Things That Inspired FKL"

THE LINE OF BEST FIT It's clinical and affecting, swerving into alt-R&B territories on occasion, and merging avant-garde dance with grime's abrasive rhythm sections.