Hometown: Seattle, WA
Website: http://foxandthelaw.tumblr.com/
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"Pay attention, people. These guys are ready to start kicking ass and taking names."
- The Stranger

While Seattle has historically birthed raw, guitar-driven strains of rock—the garage rock of the ‘60s, the psychedelic guitar strains of artists like Jimi Hendrix and the later flannel-laden grunge movement—the Jet City’s rock output has recently tended towards wispy, subdued shoe-gazing. So it’s something of a relief to see a motley group of four form and a sound of raw, wall-of-sound, romp ‘n stomp rock.

Fox and The Law are reminiscent of the New York no wave movement frontmen Teenage Jesus and The Jerks and Richard Hell and the Voidoids, or even Tennessee’s Be Your Own Pet. Catching a wave on a riptide of chord progressions and surfing a cavalcade of staggered time measures, the band is Seattle’s next best export.





Brooklyn Vegan: "Sometimes you just want to rock, late ’70s style with big in-your-face riffs — the kind that sound best blaring out of a car stereo on a long strip of highway. If you’re currently in that mood, Seattle quartet Fox and the Law have what you’re looking for."

KEXP: "Nothing about Fox and the Law seemed forced. From the trippy visuals projected over their drummer (whose face the audience never saw under a mop of disheveled hair) to the flurry of hair and face-melting guitar work up front, Fox and the Law didn’t let up and didn’t let down."