"I would never want to lose the punk rock spirit this band was born with."

says drummer Andy Lum. Originally a two-piece churning out boisterous, bluesy, hard-rock on their 2014 debut Shiver + Shake, My Goodness is back with a larger and more dynamic sound. They’ve changed a lot since then - influenced by hip-hop & electronic records on the road, expanding their live lineup to a four-piece and including synths & bass guitar - but that's not to say My Goodness is an entirely different band with an entirely different sound. The band didn’t reinvent itself - just reinterpreted what it was - adding to the foundations that were already there.

Their sophomore album Scavengers is an incredibly accomplished record. It harks back to the visceral power of that first album, but marches confidently forward, brimming with new ideas and sounds. It’s the record the pair always wanted to make. To that end, it’s a perfect compromise between what was and what will be, the sound of a band searching for – and finding – who it really is.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
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KEXP: "Seattle power duo My Goodness are back!"