Modern rock n roll never sounds this fresh.

The second album from Smokey Brights is both a rebirth and a milestone, a head trip and a body high, meticulously crafted but natural as daylight. The music taps into history and stretches out a kind of visionary rock that rolls relentlessly forward while recombining iconic sounds—prog, funk, Bowie, Styx, Wilco, Flaming Lips—into something urgent and fun and utterly surprising.

What else do you need to know? Two singers (married), a guitar hero some call Keanu J. Fox, and a crack rhythm section with veteran status. Since their 2014 debut Taste for Blood, Smokey Brights have amassed a rabid base of fans across the West Coast, gaining momentum with every show. They are a self-started, self-sustaining rock n roll machine that generates maximum joy through musical communion.

The members of Smokey Brights have been singing and playing together in various incarnations across Seattle for more than 15 years. Ryan Devlin and Kim West—the married singers—write the bones for most of the songs in their North Seattle living room. The mind-meld between drummer Nick Krivchenia and bassist Jim Vermillion leads to unpredictable, shape-shifting groove. Mike Kalnoky—the guitar hero—tops it all off with counterpoint melodies and soaring solos. Coming together at Wizard House, their hand-me-down rehearsal space, the band bursts with life and love and an offbeat energy that's infectious. Hot Candy is an album made by a company of pros finding their finest voice in collective effort.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
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THE REVUE “Whoa! This was the first reaction out of my mouth when hearing the awesome – really awesome – new single by Smokey Brights. This number has a bit of everything – the tantalizing, oft-kilter indie-rock of mid-career Blonde Redhead and The Thermals, the psychedelic undertones of Tame Impala and Temples, and even a touch of the jangle pop that characterizes the Melbourne scene (see Dick Diver).”

GLIDE MAGAZINE "There has never been a shortage of rock and roll bands, but it’s safe to say there is a shortage of bands taking a fresh approach to the genre at this point in time. Seattle quintet Smokey Brights, on the other hand, are doing exactly that."